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Making Law Abiding Behavior a Permanent Lifestyle!

The 'ABOUT FACE' ProjectTM encompasses tested and proven 'Evidence-Based' training materials which have been recognized by the American Probation and Parole Association, American Correctional Association, the Coalition for Evidenced-Based Policy, Mentor Path, among others.


Our curriculum is helping target populations law-abiding and offending, identify and initiate an intrinsic desire to change behavior...and MAINTAIN the NEW behavior it becomes a permanent Lifestyle.


The curriculum consists of adult and juvenile specific classes with in-class and home-study workbooks.  Overall it provides cognitive based life-skills and offense specific workshops for participants.


Our Workshops are designed to significantly reduce recidivism.  Independent research groups, over a period of several years, discovered that an average of 70% of juvenile offenders who complete cognitive life skills workshops do not repeat the same offense, when they become adults.


Our Cognitive Awareness Life Skills workshops are age specific and address individual needs and behavior whether Criminal or Law Abiding.


Our techniques enable participants to develop  

·   Critical cognitive-thinking skills. 

·   Added productive Life-Skills. 

·   Job-related skills, including job search. 

·   Positive interpersonal skills. 


Our process allows participants to identify and cultivate life-time patterns for self-improvement, self discipline, personal responsibility and above all ...  

results in continued law-abiding behavior. 


Our program focuses on three categories, as listed below:


Category 1 - Prevention -Designed to help people overcome faulty thinking and self-defeating behaviors. It is especially relevant for people with self esteem issues, anxiety, stress and depression problems.  It is beneficial for all individuals.


a. Persons labeled as 'at risk'.


b. Parental recognition of child needing assistance.


c. Persons with gang related relationships.


d. Persons with drug affiliations.


e. Persons making failing grades.


f. Persons needing better family relations.


g. Persons suffering anger and depression.



Category 2 - Intervention - Designed for the following:


a. First-time offenders.


b. Persons arrested and facing trial.


c. Persons in pre-trial services.


d. Persons on parole or probation.


Category 3 - Ascension - Designed for individuals Moving Up and Out of the Criminal Justice System.


a. Persons in pre-release centers.


b. Persons formerly incarcerated.


c. Persons feeling 'at risk' due to associations.


d. Persons in need of new direction.


e. Persons needing help with anger and depression.




The extensive training modules cause participants to clearly understand the origin and power of Values, Attitudes, Behaviors, Trust, Responsibility, Consequences. Participants are provoked to take a look at themselves including the consequences of their own behavior and are guided by our skilled facilitators toward positive behavioral change. 


This intensive group facilitated, experiential process allows participants to learn from class associations, interactions, and practice life-skills while increasing their self-esteem and self-confidence.  This intensive process promotes their identifying and cultivating life-time patterns for self-improvement, resulting in law-abiding behavior as well as personal growth.


Sponsored and Facilitated by: 

The Center for Powerful Living, Inc. 

Facilitation, Life Skills Training, Counseling & Coaching 

Public Service – since 1994