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Making Substantive Changes in Thinking and Lifestyle  


Committed to You With Over 39 Years Of Combined Experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development Services in both Public and Private Sectors


We have served thousands of individuals through our combined years of professional training, counseling and facilitation services. Our focus has been conducting training courses and workshops, facilitating group meetings, counseling and coaching groups and individuals, and thus, we bring a wealth of "real world" experience and insight to our programs.


"The Center for Powerful Living, Inc." (CPL) focuses on personal enrichment and empowerment. The 'ABOUT FACE' Project â„¢ emerged from "The Center for Powerful Living, Inc."


The CPL cadre of trainers are experienced, skilled, certified facilitators. They include educators, social workers, coaches, counselors and case workers, former law encforcement personnel and former executives.


We are committed and dedicated to assisting offenders and law-abiding individuals in acquiring skills to change their thinking, make better decisions and choices, and thereby, turn their lives around. Empowering People to Succeed is the motivation behind every service we provide.


Our training modules are designed to include people of all populations (law abiding and criminal) with special emphasis on the troubled individual. To that end, we endeavor to provide the community with the best and most rewarding services available.



*****Why We Do What We Do*****


The criminal justice system currently administers several different types of punitive sanctions such as community service, a fine, probation, incarceration, etc.


We believe, while these sanctions help offenders to pay back their debt to society, these sanctions don't provide the kind of support that many offenders need to help them get to the "root cause" of their offender behavior.


We believe, as the criminal justice system strives to increase its effectiveness in reducing recidivism, the educational component must be incorporated as additional sanction for offenders. Our materials and training modules are designed so that participants are no longer prone to repeat the offense.


We are committed to reducing recividism. This committment will prove to be fiscally sound for State and County governments in reducing their costs for prosecuting, housing, feeding, monitoring and transporting the growing inmate population.


We are equipped with the most current workshop training materials and comprehensive evidence based studies available.



Example: Evidenced-Based Studies shown here. Over a period of years, researchers divided individuals who had participated in our Life Skills courses, into three groups: 

Group One consisted of an average of 70% who had a strong cognitive experience.

Group Two consisted of an average of 20% who had a  good cognitive experience.
Group Three consisted of an average of 10% who indicated  little or no change in their cognition or willingness to change.

 Clearly the results of these studies show that we can project a positive success rate. Of those who participated in the Cognitive Awareness Life Skills Workshops, upward to 90% could avoid repeating their previous behavior.







Frances Crarey, Ph.D., CLC
President & CEO.
The Center for Powerful Living,Inc.
Professional Counselor, Coach
Trainer and Facilitator





 Reuben Jiggetts, Ph.D., CLC
General Manager
The 'About Face Projectâ„¢
Professional Counselor, Coach
O.D. Specialist and Facilitator