Education Makes The Difference!


Making Substantive Changes in Thinking and Lifestyle  


Workshop Participant's Personal Comments


"I feel good about being in this class. It makes me think about everything I do. Everyone should take this class." - LE

"This is the best class I have ever taken, and I have taken a lot.  This class opens your eyes.  Wow!" - CS

"This class helped  me understand how to cope with my anger." - LR 

"Through the discussion, I was glad to be able to share my experiences with everyone, and I got a chance to learn from the experiences of others.  It helped me a lot.  I definitely have a desire to be a better me, to make better decisions! "- AJ

"It helped me not to be judged, which allowed me to talk and think for myself.  This course can have a super outcome for everyone." - AJ

Compassionate and informed facilitators, thought provoking discussions, a safe environment , and organized format contributed to my having a wonderful leaning experience in so many ways.  I highly recommend this course for everyone. "LR

"This course gave me a better sense of awareness of what steps I can take in my life to stay on higher ground, especially making better decisions and never giving my power away.  It helped my self-esteem!"   This class was fun and informative.  I will never repeat criminal behavior again.  What a treat!" – RS

“I am so happy.  When I went to court, the Judge saw my certificate for the course I took, and it helped me not to go to jail. Thank you! Thank you! I cannot thank you enough.”- RS

"The class was great as far as dealing with my anger.  It really helped me to understand how I can evolve trouble." C.M.

"The course highlighted and touched upon what really was affecting me.  I have a better undestanding of what steps I need to take to have happiness and success in my life." N.S.

"Hearing other people's experiences helped me to feel not so alone, and that I could change."  I.N.

"The class was more than helpful as far as stepping outside myself and seeing the larger picture, and knowing the positive."  T.L.

"The facilitators and the workbook were terrific." C.M.

"I like the class so much I would like to take the class again."  S.G.


 Advocates: Professional Comments and Recognition


"Educational programs give the court a way to help people to get what they need early, not when they're on parole."  

Honorable Bruce Beaudin, Superior Court Justice 


"I see many types of repeat offenders coming through the system but shoplifting is one area where education can turn a person around."  

David B. Eddy, Prosecuting Attorney 


“Rehabilitation should be the primary goal of the juvenile court."  

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges


"Probation without education is not enough.  Education is prevention... and a tool we need to help people become more responsible.”

Frank Jensen, Chief Probation Officer 


Attention -  Evidence-Based Research 


Statistics Regarding Offenders Participation
in Cognitive Behavior Restructuring Programs


Oklahoma State Probation and Parole

From March - December 2010, the rate of recidivism decreased by approximately 95%.


Arizona State Parole

Between 2009 - 2010 approximately 93% of offenders were not sent back to prison.


Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Court

Between 2003 - 2007, an average of  approximately 77% of offenders had no new charge.


Box Elder County Justice Court, Utah

Between 2002 - 2005, an average of 57% decrease in filings of the targeted population.

Of the groups who participated, one group consisted of 70% who had a strong cognitive experience; one group consisted of an average of 20% who had a good cognitive experience; and one group consisted of an average of 10% who indicated little or no change in their cognition or willingness to change.


Bastrop County, Texas

Between 1981 - 2000 an average of 96% of offenders did not repeat the offense.