Education Makes The Difference!


Making Substantive Changes in Thinking and Lifestyle  


Home Study - An Alternative Approach

Facilitated Home Study with a Certified Coach/Facilitator


Home Study courses are for;

Persons who want to overcome self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.
Persons who must turn their lives around.
Persons who wish to create a new life story.
Persons who will make an About Face from crime.
Persons who just want to live a more happy and productive life.


To qualify for this program; 

        Persons must be located more than a 100 miles or two hours travel time of our training center (Wheaton, Maryland) and


        Persons who cannot attend the live, one-day group session because of time and travel or serious physical challenges.


        You will have an opportunity to work with an experienced, skilled, certified coach, who will facilitate the process by Group Telephone Conference Call or Computer Webinar.


The Process

The Process has Three Major Goals


One: coach cognitve life skills,
Two: change distorted thinking,
Three: build self-esteem.

The Plan

1. Group coaching sessions will be conducted by telephone and or computer webinar. 

2. Sessions will be timed at 2 hrs per week for 4 weeks.  Expect some time to be applied to personal study.

3. After registration and payment, a certified coach/facilitator will contact you to schedule dates for telephone or webinar coaching sessions.

4. You will receive your workbook and complete instructions by mail.

5. The course must be completed within thirty days. One 2-hour session a week plus personal study for 4 weeks.

6. At the end of each session, there will be a review and workbook assignment for the following session.

7. After completing the classes, mail in the completed work book for grading.

8. When you have successfully completed the course, you will receive a 'Certificate of Completion'.

Offender Training 


The open book Offender test requires that you score 70% or more for a passing grade. You may be re-tested until you receive a passing grade if you wish.
Your certificate of participation and completion may be presented for consideration to your Lawyer, Case Worker and/or the Judge in your case.
Having a Certificate of Completion shows that you participated in a Cognitive Awareness Life Skills program designed to initiate a desire to change thinking and behavior.
The persons who supervise your activities, including your Judge, may have a favorable view of your personal endeavor to take steps toward changing your behavior.

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