Education Makes The Difference!


Making Substantive Changes in Thinking and Lifestyle  

Our Mission


 Promote Personal Responsibility


An integral part of AFP's mission is to provoke  participants to learn and accept personal responsibility for their behavior and their consequences. Therefore, all workshops are participant funded including the participant's time, energy and money.


Support Offender & Family Responsibility


Since the 'About Face' offender program is participant funded it has great familial value. Friends, parents and spouses etc. may become interested and involved by choice and association in their growth, development and rehabilitation. This support by the family encourages the offender to commit to an 'About Face' toward a more stable and successful existence.


Increase Responsibility to the Community


Becaue of the offender payment, 'The About Face Project' program is not a budgetary item for the community. In an overall assessment, we could project a reduction in community services spending for such participating persons.


Also, this arrangement has proven to be fiscally productive for state and county governments in reducing the costs in prosecuting, housing, feeding, monitoring and transporting the growing inmate population.